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Detrick Gymnasium

Harrison J. Kaiser Hall serves as the home of the Central Connecticut State University Athletics Department. Renovated prior to the 2002-03 basketball season, the building underwent a makeover that included everything from new offices, new locker rooms and a new lobby and entrance. Named for the school's first basketball and football coach, and former athletics director, Kaiser Hall honors one of the greatest individuals in Blue Devil history. Kaiser coached the men's basketball team for nine seasons amassing an 83-55 record from 1934-35 to 1942-43. Kaiser also coached the football team for nine seasons compiling 31 wins and helping to build a program that began playing only four games per season and then regularly played a schedule of eight or more games.

Detrick Gymnasium, the home to Central Connecticut basketball and volleyball, underwent a makeover of its own during the summer of 2005, opening to the University community on October 1, 2005. During the summer months, Detrick Gym received a new state-of-the-art floor, its first new floor since the gym opened in 1965. Also installed in the gym were new bleachers on the general admission side of the floor, television wiring within the floor itself and a television platform on the top of the general admission bleachers. Also highlighting the renovation are a pair of new scoreboards at each end of the floor. The scoreboards are connected to a pair of new shot clocks above each basket and also feature the new message board on the bottom of the main scoreboard.

Detrick Gym provides three full-length basketball courts for practice sessions for all sports, several intramural activities and physical education classes. Named for the winningest coach in Central Connecticut basketball history, William Detrick, Detrick Gymnasium was home to two nationally televised Northeast Conference Championship men's basketball games in March of 2002 and 2007 and saw record crowds watch the Blue Devils earn their second and third trips to the NCAA Tournament since 2000.

The new-look of Kaiser Hall features a newly renovated main lobby area that features several new trophy cases to show off the many accomplishments of the Blue Devils throughout the years. Also new is the athletics' office area that houses both administration and coaches' offices. The administrative offices are located in the side hallway adjacent to the main lobby. Continue down the hall and notice the coaches' section of Kaiser Hall. This section features offices for several of Central's coaches, as well as two meeting rooms.

Downstairs, all of the locker rooms have been renovated, including locker rooms for the Central Connecticut men's and women's basketball teams. In addition, football and basketball suites and coaches' offices have been built to meet the ever-increasing needs of the Division I programs at Central Connecticut.

Kaiser Hall houses the Krein Athletic Training Center, the Michael S. Knapp Weight Training Center and the 25-yard Jack Suydam Natatorium, which is home to the Central Connecticut women's swimming and diving teams. Seating for up to 1,200 spectators is available at the natatorium.




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