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Athletics Launches Virtual #CCSUSeniorDay to Honor Seniors

Athletics Launches Virtual #CCSUSeniorDay to Honor Seniors

With the abrupt end of the spring athletic season and the subsequent cancelation of our annual awards banquet, CCSU athletics would like to celebrate and recognize our seniors online and on social media with our #CCSUSeniorDay.  Inspired by ESPN's Scott Van Pelt and his celebration nationwide of high school and college senior classes, the Blue Devils will take the next few weeks to highlight those who have given us everything they had on the playing fields.

"This is an unprecedented time," said Tom Pincince, CCSU interim director of athletics. "We've all been placed into this unique situation, and it's become more important than ever to recognize the commitment and efforts of our student-athletes, especially our senior class. Family is important during these times and our seniors will always be part of the Blue Devil family. This is a small piece of recognition and a chance for all of us to say Thank You!"

Beginning March 25, we will recognize senior Blue Devils each day with a dedicated post to the CCSU department of athletics website and social channels.

March 25: Shauny Alterisio | Edwin Alston

March 26: Grace Fredricks | Antwann Anderson

March 27:Bruna Vila Artigues | John Wilkins

March 30: Madelyn Kaprelyan | Alex Norstrom

March 31: Alicia Bertolino | Arthur Gilmore, Jr.

April 1: Keeley Henry | Tyler Rowe

April 2: Kadizha Benjamin | Eddie Yepes

April 3: Ivy Milne | Andrew Findley

April 6: Emily Cronin | Xavier Bass

April 7: Kelsey Dornfried | Jamir Coleman

April 8: Gala Galabova | Jarred Creech

April 9: Kirsten Bednarz | Emanuel Scott

April 10: Ashley Chin | Andrew Braun

April 13: Megan Brawner | Aaron Winchester

April 14: Morgan Sinton | Tyrik Henry

April 15: Yo Tachibana | Chandler Debrosse

April 16: Keelin Kendall | Cole Phelps

April 17: Taylor Goode | Kevorni Welsh

April 20: Giuliana Hathaway | Richard Grudzwick

April 21: Gianna D'Amato | Enyce Walker

April 22: Emily Hogan | TT Bowens

April 23: Erin McDermott | Nana Kissi

April 24: Reagan Kenney | Michon Hunt

April 27: Kaitlin Paterson | Mike Mushaw

April 28: Celine Delice | Mike Delease

April 29: Carla Jackson | Julio Arredondo

April 30: Mackenzie Dobbins | Buddy Dewaine

May 1: Erika Maercklein | Frederick Allen III

May 4: Sarah Ogilvie | Brandon Fox

May 5: Hailey Rospierski | Tyler Kopp

May 6: Katelyn Mann | Jack St. Clair

May 7: Allyson O'Rourke | Roberto Piotto | Connor Mignone

May 8: Morgan Woycik | Quincy Sanchez | Chris Kanios

May 11: Hannah Page: | Godon Perrett | Dave Matthews

May 12: Gracie Regan | Francis Cole | Brandon Puritt

May 13: Brandon Desautels | Kyle Enrique | Donyell Marshall, Jr.

May 14: Dusan Etienne | Jake Schena | Evan Walker

May 15: DJ Exilhomme | Tajik Bagley

May 18: Taylor Davis | Anthony Caramanica




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