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Policy Statements

Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support Data (Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act)

Annual Report on Student-Athletes, 2006

Annual Report on Student-Athletes, 2006, Executive Summary
Academic Center for Student-Athletes, Evaluation Team Report

Department of Athletics
Mission Statement

The mission of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program at Central Connecticut State University is to contribute positively to the personal development of students by providing a wide range of opportunities for participation in sports, on either a highly- competitive NCAA Division I or recreational level.

The Intercollegiate Athletics Program contributes to the vitality of campus life by providing entertaining, highly-competitive sporting events for the campus and community at large. In this sense, it serves as one of the principle centers of campus life because it contributes to the development of campus identity and community.

Athletics are an appropriate and important component of the Central Connecticut State University experience because they embody many of the intrinsic values and goals of education at our University, in particular, the striving to achieve excellence in all manifestations of human life and the enrichment of the human spirit.

The mission of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program is inextricably tied to the mission of the University. Therefore, as Central Connecticut State University aspires to become one of the best public, comprehensive universities in the nation and the finest in New England, the Intercollegiate Athletics Program similarly aspires to become one of the best athletics programs among comparable universities in the region and nation.

Department of Athletics
Diversity Statement

The CCSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is committed to the concept that no student-athlete, team, coach or staff member shall be discriminated against on account of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or any other condition established by law and mandated by University policy statements on Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunities and Sexual Harassment. The Athletics programs of the University strive to reflect the University's mission and values, and the diversity of the overall program reflects the diversity of the general student population. The CCSU Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is also committed to accommodating the evolving standards of the NCAA in the area of gender and diversity issues.

CCSU Statement on Affirmative Action
CCSU Statement on Sexual Harrassment

Minority Opportunity Plan
Gender Equity Plan




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